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Hunter’s mechanical engineering website stands out with a video and service icons The strength of this website is also a clear presentation of the offer. Right below the hero section, there are buttons directing to individual product categories. On the homepage, areas with videos about the brand’s services and products and with testimonials from customers have also been creat.

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The latter allow you to increase the cribility of the brand – users watching them see a real person who talks about how the company’s services and products help them. A Hunter customer should have no problem contacting a representative Nepal Mobile Database in their area. The button (in the upper right corner of the page) that takes you to the form has been highlight in r. Also noteworthy is one of the forms on the website – the one connect to the branch search engine. After selecting the country and postal code, the site indicates the nearest branch and advisers (you can choose one or more) who can deal with the case.

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To facilitate their work, the user can indicate which products the inquiry concerns. 2. Civil engineering – AEI Highlights : video button, statistics and minimalist graphics, high-quality photos. AEI is a civil engineering company WS Numbers and its services include, among others, the design of urban roads, highways and airports, as well as geotechnical services. The hero section of the AEI website consists of high-quality photos of employees at work, as well as finish projects.

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