Classification of Stealth Marketing

Independently of traditional marketing channels through disguis or covert advertising of a product or service. A customer tends to pay more attention to marketing measures because he does not feel restrict or influenc in his purchasing decision. stealth marketing does not provide any information to customers at the end of the measure. Classification of the term stealth marketing compar to the well-known forms of sensory marketing. those that attempt to reach customers through creative. inspiring and surprising advertising sensations and wish to make the.

In contrast to traditional marketing

Advertis company or product the focus of Ecuador Phone Number List attraction People. of the event are still hidden in stealth marketing. Although stealth marketing can use the same tools as sensory marketing. the intent is still to disguise or covertly promote products and services so that the recipient does not recognize that he is the target of the marketing measure. Advertising companies do not want to be identifi as the initiator of a stealth campaign during and afterward. In international usage. the term covert marketing or Stealth advertising is often us as a synonym.

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The advertising characteristics

Stealth advertising is often us when WS Numbers describing product placement methods. While covert marketing is us when word-of-mouth marketing campaigns center around peer groups.  Classification of Stealth Marketing Goals of Stealth Marketing The core goals of stealth marketing are. To draw attention to and generate interest in a product or company To influence consumers during the evaluation phase of a product or service To ruce the perception of disgust that can be brought about by classic advertising measures The latter point is especially important on the subject of stealth marketing. knowing that it often happens. Because customers are unaware that they are being influenc by advertising measures variable.

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