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Checking which one By indicating this point, we can be sure that regardless of how the image is display, the most important element will always be on it. The point of interest allows you to present the most important part of the photo add to the CMS article. Under the thumbnail of the photo, we can also find a magnifying glass icon, which, when click, will show us how the photo will be display in different cases.

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The magnifying glass icon allows you to see how the image looks in channels such as Facebook or Gallery. PARAGRAPHS Paragraphs Find Your Mobile Database are a key functionality that we use to build an article. It is a system of creating content using separate blocks (paragraphs), which can be one of many types of content. After adding, all paragraphs can be freely it and rearrang in their order, on the principle of arranging “blocks” of various types. Paragraphs allow you to build and it an article by arranging blocks with multiple types of content. The basic paragraphs built into.

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Thunder CMS from which we can build an article are Text The basic tool for writing the content itself. With the support of the WS Numbers extremely popular CKitor module, it becomes an extensive itor that meets even complex requirements. The CKitor module in Thunder CMS is an essential tool that allows you to conveniently write content. For more advanc users, it is also possible to it the content directly in the field with the HTML code: In the CKitor module in Thunder CMS, we can also enter content in the html source window.

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