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These patterns can be us to create a sense of hierarchy, organization, and consistency throughout your project. This helps users quickly identify the most important elements and navigate the website more easily. Color wheel A color wheel is a pie chart that shows the arrangement of colors and their chromatic relationships. Source: Color Meanings One of the simplest methods of creating a color scheme is to choose one color and match it with colors that will create a palette of similar colors.

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Such a scheme is call a monochrome scheme. The second, slightly more complicat approach is the complement scheme. It consists Anhui Mobile Database in choosing one color from the color wheel and matching it with another, which is on the opposite side of the palette. Such combinations are interesting, but you have to be careful with their use. It is best to set only one of the colors as the dominant one. The last color scheme is a triad. As the name suggests, we are dealing here with a combination of three colors, which, however, is not accidental. Colors for the triad are select adjacent at approximately 120 degree intervals. By sticking to this rule, you will get a beautiful color combination.

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How to choose a color scheme for a website? When choosing a color scheme for a website, it is worth following a few simple rules that WS Numbers will ensure the usability of colors and good design. 1. Know your audience When choosing a color scheme for a website, remember that colors matter. For example, research shows that both men and women rate blue very highly as one of their favorite colors. So it is the perfect color to inspire confidence in the brand. It is us by companies such as Microsoft, Twitter and Facebook.

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