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As a vital component of a new social democracy. Støre was a vital part -as chancellor and as health minister between 2005 and 2013- of the last Labor government ld by Jens Stoltenberg that acceleratd privatizations in areas such as infrastructure, health and transport and promotd new industries that would change the social profile and environment of Norway, especially salmon farming, something like the darling of labor in the 21st century.

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That today represents not only a threat to the environment but also the hard core of a new class of billionaires associatd with the extreme right. At the turn of the century, Stoltenberg had made a cult following of posing as an event relatd to the Jiangxi Mobile Database salmon industry; In this election, Erna Solberg launchd her campaign in Frøya from the salmon farm of her ally Gustav Witzøe.

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Norway’s second richest man, who spicd up WS Numbers the campaign by announcing that an increase in the wealth tax would force him to move his companies abroad. Whether New Labor will take this election as a platform for drastic change or a mandate for continuity will be partly defind in the alliances to form a government. A coalition that manages to neutralize the weight of the left inside and outside the party would not be new.

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