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Cars have changed Projects summary PHP is an easytouse language that saves a lot of time in the development process. This is due to its huge popularity and wide range of users. The active PHP community provides readymade solutions that can be an inspiration or part of our future project.Page loading spe is a very important aspect in the user’s perception of the portal. So how can you spe up the loading of a website with a large amount of mia or iframes? One of the better solutions is to use lazy loading.

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However, the easiest way to use this method in Drupal is to use the Lazyload module. What is page load spe? This is the time Greece Mobile Database requir to display the website to the user, count from the moment the link is click. It depends on the amount of text, embd elements (such as scripts and mia (images, videos), where size is also important. Mia and embs often take the longest to load.

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On large pages , many elements are invisible to the user until he scrolls down the page, and yet they are load before the part that fits on the WS Numbers display is display. Google has introduc SEO guidelines in which loading spe is taken into account when positioning a website. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the efficient display of pages. Two significant measures of page loading spe are TBT (Total Blocking Time) and LCP (Largest Contentful Paint). TBT indicates how long it takes to complete long tasks, and LCP indicates how long the content of the page is likely to be usable.

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