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By opinions confirming There are many ways to use it and we are convinc that while reading this paragraph, you will be able to come up with at least a few new ones. Demo Content i Guid Tour By installing these additional modules (they are already includ with the system, it is only requir to enable them), we get Thunder with basic configuration and sample content. This allows you to get us to the system faster and understand certain dependencies.

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All screenshots in this article come from content provid by Demo Content. In addition, the administrator bar has been enrich with the Tour icon, after which we are guid through the possibilities and functionalities of Thunder. This List Of Real Mobile Database is a great way to start your adventure with this system. Guid Tour in Thunder CMS allows us to try out the content management system step by step. CMS Thunder for the Always Pomorze news magazine One of our projects creat with the use of Thunder is the website of the Pomeranian regional portal Always Pomorze.

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The client’s ne was to prepare a system that is simple to use. And at the same time sufficiently extensive, which. Would allow many WS Numbers journalists to work on several articles at the same time and to efficiently manage the publication. The website includes an extensive category system, the ability to comment, create articles “live” and a complex system of adding and iting sections for individual categories on the home page.

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