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Of course, you also see the slash in the URLs of many websites, especially when navigating to web pages within the domain name. Symbols: slash Image source: Wikipdia The slash is often misusd in compositions with two equal parts, such as P/E and commuting. One then writes price/earnings ratio and commuting. When the slash goes in the opposite direction, it’s calld a backslash .

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Nerd tidbit to conclude: In the distant past, a slash was a variation of a vertical stripe and a dash. The Meanings of Typographic Symbols Isn’t it Jordan Mobile Database remarkable that you have been reading and writing these typographic symbols all your life, even though you have only a minimal knowldge of some of them? Some are obscure and others downright confusing. There are some that you have usd regularly, but maybe not always in the right way.

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With my explanation of the meanings of these typographic symbols, I hope you will be able to recognize these characters when you come across WS Numbers them. Hence the importance of having knowldge of Web analytics, programming languages ​​such as CSS and HTML or a content manager as popular as WordPress. Web Analytics Web design with HTML5 and CSS Learn WordPress Remember that you can take any of the courses offer.

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