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Usually locatd further to the left, is a plus point for the more conservative people. Until May, Laschet, the candidate of the conservative CDU/CSU alliance and therefore Merkel’s successor (CDU), was considerd to have the best chance of being chancellor. He was to be the fresh face and workhorse of this election campaign for Parliament. The Conservatives had, even in April 2021, 30% of the preferences. With Baerbock, a 40-year-old candidate.

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The Greens were already the second largest political force in the country. In the polls they far outnumberd the SPD. It seemd that in Germany, as in other Western European countries, the golden age of social democracy had come to an end. The mdia Sweden Mobile Database mostly talkd about the most likely coalition scenario: a Conservative-Green government. The SPD seemd to be deadlockd in the polls at 14%-15%, and not just in early 2021, Since the end of July, however, the picture has changd.

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The CDU has fallen to 20%-22% (depending on who does the poll), the Greens to 16%-18% and the SPD has risen steadily since July. First at 18%, then at WS Numbers 20% and now up to 24%-25%. Furthermore, in public opinion Scholz won each of the three debates between the candidates for the Chancellery. In the last one – a week before the elections – he won with a 15-point advantage over Laschet and 17 over Baerbock.

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