At the beginning of this year

More users also means more participation from them. In the middle of the year. the average number of activities is . . this year is. . The stats by asking and answering questions are also interesting. Fan page owners note that this form of conversation is more interesting for users and more convenient than using popular call centers. which is why they are increasingly involv in providing information in this form. The proportion of enterprises in the telecommunications.

Banking and other industries

Answering user questions was only %. and this year this proportion has even reach. But the response time is shorten. especially in the telecommunications industry. the first few minutes are only ten minutes. It turns out that the posting happens at any time of the day or night. Entries during standard business hours remain unchang and their numbers are within range. Notably. there was a slow increase in activity at more Pakistan B2B List unusual times (before the morning and after the afternoon). It is worth taking this into consideration during the event on the fan page. since entries post during non-standard times are more popular among users (likes. comments. shares). with an average increase.

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Research shows that photos dominate

When it comes to business post types. Interestingly. content-only publications account for a relatively small proportion of all entries.This may be because the administrator notic that users are more interest in visual elements than verbal ones. As for our most commonly us words. two words compete and invite stand out. It doesn’t seem odd that it’s hard to encourage people to like the brand better than by winning contests with attractive prizes. Surprisingly. however. the WS Numbers word prize appears much less frequently than contest. Source.

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