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Are part of the The most important of them include: Chatbot implementation. It is prict that 95 of customer contact with an insurance company will be through bots by 2025. Use of smart devices (smartwatches, wristbands, etc.). The number of users of electronic gadgets capable of collecting information is growing, which suggests that in the future they will probably be us to collect data for insurtech and customize offers.

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Use of IoT sensors 69 of users declare that they can agree to the installation of sensors in cars if it may affect the amount of their Saudi Arabia Mobile Database installment. Process automation . Automating certain processes can ruce the repetitive work of an insurance agent by 80 and shorten the time of processing claims or applications by 50, thanks to which this time can be better us and customers will receive a faster response.

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The use of big data and personalization. Customer data from various sources and smentation enable. A better customer experience (both in WS Numbers terms of service features and customer service). Examples of insurtech solutions There are many interesting ways to improve work and create new services in the insurance industry. Below you will find some examples of services and products that can be useful in an insurance company, as well as reallife examples.

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