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The Socialist Left Party is the only one that is in talks with Labor today, demanding a commitment from Støre on the environment, strengthening of social policies and the maintenance and expansion of the current health system. Symbolically, this force negotiates on behalf of a heterogeneous left-wing bloc. In fact, any agreement must be submittd to an internal referendum open to all party members. Labor is very much Støre. A leader comfortable between moderation and conservatism.

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The must be one of the few Labor leaders who Taiyuan Mobile Database did not raise the Norwegian flag on May Day (the Nazis preventd flag demonstrations between 1940 and 1945, so the subsequent display of flags on May Day of work became a space of confluence between country and class unrepeatable in other places. Reluctantly, Støre began to raise the flag a few years ago). He is part of the generation that transformd.

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The party since the late 20th century, modernizing it in line with a society in which industrial workers were no longer the dominant force. In a trajectory WS Numbers analogous to those of British Labor, Spanish Socialism and even the American Democrats, Støre embracd a militant anti-left discourse inside and outside the party and rethought ideas of plannd economy and state control over the economy to open up to incorporating private capital and market economy

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