There are no leadership styles, but rather leadership behaviors 

We like classifications because they make us feel more secure and allow. Us to have apparent control of a certain applied field and knowledge. To simplify and organize reality. We use global descriptions of leadership behaviors  managers and professionals using terms such as “motivational managers”, “ toxic employees” or “charismatic leaders”. But it is obvious that no classification includes all the elements of a class. Without taking into account the opinion of our team.

In the field of managers

The effect of over classification is very common. We often talk about successful leadership or management style. When in reality what exists are behaviors that managers and managers present. With greater or lesser executive email list probability depending on different objectives, problems, contexts or moments. When gathering the opinion of his work teams.

Self-help is nothing more leadership behaviors 

Than methods and recommendations, the bad thing is how they are sold and the over expectations they generate. To stay healthy, some books even include a  disclaimer : “The reader WS Numbers follows the recommendations in this book at his own risk. The author and publisher make no warranty of any kind about the usefulness of these recommendations.”

At least warn. In short, Or at least, if it does, it works like any other method: it requires effort, focus and intelligence in its application. Almost nothing.  A religious man was commissioned to find out what workers thought about their work. He went to a building under construction in France and asked a worker what he was doing. Are you blind? he replied. I’m cutting these stones into impossible shapes with these bad. Tools and I’m putting them next to each other like the master foreman says. I am breaking down and sweating under this sun of justice.

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