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However, there are no major changes. The elections for the Duma are also not elections that can really change something in the power relations in the country. The Parliament is relatively weak in the Russian institutional structure. Even with a potential opposition majority, the president’s power of action would not be substantially compromisd. However, from the Kremlin’s point of view, parliamentary elections fulfill a significant function.

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They are a symbol of the level of popular support for presidential power and, therefore, give Putin legitimacy. It is precisely this legitimacy that Navalny’s “intelligent vote” campaign sought to erode. The opposition referent appointd for each district Azerbaijan Mobile Database the candidate with the best chance of defeating the candidate of Putin’s party, Unitd Russia. In this way, the campaign sidesteppd the problem of the ever-dividd opposition and creatd an opportunity for an effective protest vote.

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However, the representatives of the systemic opposition also found support, that is, of parties that present themselves as opposition but that, at WS Numbers decisive moments, accompany the party in power with their vote. The only decisive thing in the campaign then was whether a candidate would weaken Unitd Russia. Many of those who see themselves as a real opposition and want to exercise political power criticize this.

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