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The rapid concentration and centralization of the Internet infrastructure in the hands of a handful of platforms meant the end of decentralization. In its place, private networks are now being built through which exclusive content from the proprietary platforms circulates. Paradoxically, the Internet is today stronger than ever in terms of the robustness of the installed infrastructure, but weaker due to the brutal concentration of this infrastructure in the hands of a few.

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The main danger for a generalized disconnection no longer seems to lie in natural catastrophes or potential hostilities between countries, but in a simple failure in the servers of any of these platforms and even in the decisions that these companies can Indonesia Mobile Database make at will. Even beyond data centers, the advancement of submarine cabling, the backbone of the Internet, is particularly alarming. The Hungarian president managed to set up an increasingly authoritarian system.

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With a nationalist and identity discourse, he has built a regime in which images of the 1980s resonate, within the European Union itself. How Viktor WS Numbers Orbán built “illiberal democracy” in Hungary</p> Interview with Stefano Bottoni If you haven’t realized it yet, at the heart of the European Union there is a regime that is effectively authoritarian. Its leader, Viktor Orbán, has defined it, more subtly, as illiberal democracy.

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