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Also important For more advanc users or developers in Thunder CMS, it is possible to build your own paragraphs that meet any requirements. This tool in the right hands is therefore extremely powerful, and the number of possibilities is practically unlimit. Publishing options Another extremely important element of each of the content creation tools is the ability to configure and manage the publication.

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Thunder CMS also provides us with extensive and modifiable functions here. What catches our eye is the publication bar “glu” to the Jiangsu Mobile Database bottom of the screen. The CMS itor in the article creation window has a convenient publication bar that facilitates management. With its help, we are able to save or delete an article at any time, as well as change its status to one of the following: draft: draft, invisible to users, unpublish: article ready but unpublish, invisible to users, publish.

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Article publish and available to everyone. Another important element is the side menu for more complex operations. The side menu in WS Numbers the Thunder CMS itor is us to complete the most important information about the article. Here we will find information about the date of the last save of the document, about the possibility of creating a new revision when saving or leaving information when creating such a revision.

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