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There could be no doubt about the victory of the Unitd Russia party in the elections. Although this time the victory was by a somewhat smaller percentage, it will probably be enough to achieve a majority in the legislature. However, there have been nuancd changes. The communists are clearly stronger. Communist Party candidates were disproportionately representd in the campaign by virtue of the “intelligent vote” (voting for the best-positiond opponent of whatever part.

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Promotd by the currently imprisond dissident Alexei Navalny, thanks to which they were able to gather votes from additional protest. But perhaps more Jordan Mobile Database important was the fact that they were in a better position than everyone else to rise to the discontent causd by growing social inequality, high inflation and the slow evolution of wages. Furthermore, this conservative and rather traditional patriotic party.

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Had recently succdd in recruiting several young political talents with clearly more leftist positions, that creatd a certain sensation of renewal of the Communist WS Numbers Party. There is also a new party in Russia’s lower house. Newcomer to Parliament Gente Nueva is one of the newer parties to gain legal recognition very quickly. It is believd, therefore, that these parties were put in the race by the Kremlin itself to absorb protest votes.

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