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Mobile Image Thumbnails Appear on  the growth of mobile image thumbnails year by year and year by year.Their research found that mobile thumbnails increas nearly every year, from approximately to nearly as display on the first page. After a few notable spikes in 2019, research from 2019 found that moving image thumbnails now appear near the top of all first pages.

Why is this important

Images attract Internet users. If the search results below your page have images but your page doesn’t, users may skip your listing and go to the one with the image. Incorporating imagery into your strategy is crucial. If you’re still not convinc, a Google spokesperson put it straight: We’re Greece B2B List always working on finding new ways to enhance search with helpful visuals, and we encourage website owners to enrich their pages appropriately.

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Shopping ads are now part

Of the image search network by default Google has announc that it will integrate Google Images into the core search network. Previously, Shopping ads only appear in the image portion of the when the advertiser opt in to the service partner network. Once the update rolls out at the end of the month, Shopping ads will WS Numbers automatically be eligible to appear in image results, no manual opt-in requir.


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