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Developing the skills of the project team Increasing the qualifications of employees allows us to meet even the most unusual customer requirements each time and advise them on solutions that will help them achieve their business goals. The team’s capabilities can be expand through training, cooperation with other companies or the socall. staff augmentation an activity consisting in temporarily adding to the team an external expert or experts with skills that are lacking in the employees involv in the project and which are necessary for its implementation.

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Customercentric design summary Customerorient design means creating a product that meets the customer’s ideas and nes, as Egypt Mobile Database well as being a solution to his problems. Thanks to this approach to the implementation of projects, their efficiency is improv. At the same time, the order execution time is shorten, while maintaining the high quality of the product. The creat website turns out to be not only in line with the client’s expectations, but also optimiz for various groups of end users. This has a positive effect on the customer’s profits. In customerorient design, effective communication, respect for their opinion and willingness to understand their point of view are the most important.

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We rularly develop the ability to thoroughly analyze the nes of our clients and implement their visions. Check out our UX/UI design services .What a trip it was! Over the last ten years, we have open four offices in Poland. Expand our team WS Numbers to over 70 specialists. Develop our Drupal, Symfony, Laravel and PHP skills, and successfully complet. Many projects for our clients. Let’s look at how it all start and how Droptica works now. From two Drupal fans to an agency. Employing over 70 people We have been involv in the Drupal community from the very binning.

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