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Additional libraries The use of modern systems allows insurers to expand their offer with personaliz products tailor to the individual nes of each client ( insurance containing specific services from the assistance package or extending personal insurance to include full financing of treatment). How big is the insurtech market? According to the Global INSURTECH Market report , in 2020 the value of the insurtech market has been estimat at over USD 9 million and is estimat.

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Reach almost USD 159 million by 2030 . The authors of the report inform that according to data provid by Accenture, in 2020 almost 86 of insurers plann to introduce innovations and modify their business model to increase Iran Mobile Database competitiveness, and their main goal is to provide customers with more personaliz services and experiences.

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In turn , the Gallagher Re Global InsurTech Report for. Q1 2022 shows that investments in. Te insurtech industry in the first quarter WS Numbers of 2022 amount. To as much as USD 2.2 billion, which is equal to 43 of total investments in this sector in 2021. This proves the dynamic development. Research indicates that insurers should be interest in insurtech and transforming their businesses if they want to retain their customers.

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