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Ad the possibility of hiring Knowlge that the insurer can gain in this way, it is possible to properly adjust the offer to the client’s nes, while minimizing the business risk for the insurance company. The insurtech solution allows the insurer to see the risk associat with a Ad the possibility given property 5. Efficient claims handling Damage adjustment, identifying the causes and determining responsibility for the damage, is not an easy task.

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This process consists in estimating the scale of damages and leads to the determination of the amount of compensation award. Bdeo Israel Mobile Database offers insurance agencies solutions bas on artificial intelligence that simplify this process. It provides agencies and their clients with a chatbot using NLP (natural language processing), which identifies the location where the accident occurr, instructs clients on how to document the event (what photos and recordings to take) and how to upload documentation to the system.

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If the upload data does not meet the quality standards, the chatbot notifies the client and accompanies him until good quality photos WS Numbers and recordings are upload. This ruces the likelihood of mispricing claims and streamlines the overall processing of insurers’ claims. What is insurtech summary Insurtech companies use the latest technologies in various ways to create products that facilitate the work of insurance companies.

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