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In the CDU-CSU there is a climate of nervousness. Many fear that Laschet will squander Merkel’s legacy. Others try to give hope, basd on his biography and saying that Laschet is often underestimatd, but then he surprises. Scholz’s political career began in Hamburg. There he grew up and studid law. At 17 he joind the SPD, became national vice president of the Socialist Youth and, like many in the SPD youth organization, he fought to “overcome the capitalist economy.

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Before holding official positions, he workd for a long time as a labor lawyer; politically speaking, “as a lawyer for workers.” He enterd the national political Hungary Mobile Database scene in 2002 as general secretary of the SPD and, therefore, had a significant participation in the Gerhard Schröder government’s Agenda 2010, which meant for the Germans harsh cuts in the Welfare State from 2005. As General Secretary, had to defend that agenda.

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Which earnd him the nickname “Scholzómata” at the time, because he did it by repeating the same words over and over again and without a hint WS Numbers of emotion. As a consequence of the arduous internal debates on the Hartz IV (social assistance policies), he had to leave office after only 18 months. He was politically exhaustd. He later continud to defend the social reforms of the time, but also emphasizd that a minimum wage should have been introducd, which Germany did not have.

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