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A very old Over a certain period of time. Thanks to this metric, you know what part of your website views are made by new customers and what part by A very old returning customers. Session details , such as high bounce rate or average session duration. A short time spent on the website and a high bounce rate may suggest that despite effective advertising, the content on your website is not relevant to customers.

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You can also gain information on the most frequently visit subpages ( you find out which content is the most popular. Traffic Sources Canada Mobile Database What sources people come to your site from (social mia, search, other sites, ads, etc.). Devices individual tools are able to indicate what devices recipients use to view our site. It is worth paying attention to this information, especially if you are thinking about creating a mobile version of the website or improving the responsiveness.

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Conversions Conversion rate tells you what percentage of visitors to your site do the things you care about. Thanks to this, you can estimate what your current cost per customer is and whether your campaigns are effective. Bas WS Numbers on additional indicators ( demographic data such as age and gender, or preferences or interests), basic data such as page views can be filter. Advantages of analyzing website traffic and activity Investing in the right application can significantly improve the functioning of your company.

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