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Regarding the challenges of climate change, The Left and The Greens take the most radical positions, because they want to force the industry with stricter rules to put climate protection before profit. The CDU/CSU also wants climate protection, because it has to want that to win votes, but it’s friendly to business. Also on the question of Germany’s international role, three groups can be identifid.

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AfD is the only party that takes an anti-European Union and strongly protectionist position. The CDU/CSU and the FDP advocate international Slovenia Mobile Database cooperation, especially for economic (market) reasons, while the three left parties want to use international cooperation to promote social and sustainable standards. There are few issues on which there is some consensus between the parties. Despite having very different ideas about health policy.

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All parties share a positive attitude towards better working conditions in the areas of “systemically important” health and care and the WS Numbers expansion of rural health infrastructure. All parties express a fundamental commitment to greater protection of the environment and biodiversity. Most of the similarities, however, are found in technical issues, less linkd to ideology, about a digital infrastructure prepard for the future.

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