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Definitions such as «hybrid regime», «democracy» or «illiberal democracy» risk capturing a frame, while this process is a film. What is there now is not the same as what was in 2012 or 2015: it is an evolving story. Following political science, we cannot define Orbán’s Hungary as a dictatorship: not only do we not have a single party –there is intense electoral competition, although it is vitiatd by the economic and mdia resources available to Fidesz–, but there is also no mass repression.

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Russia does not easily use the resource of mass incarceration either because they know that they are counterproductive at the international level. On the one hand, the system implementd by Orbán is very soft, so to speak. On the other, it is very oppressive Philippines Mobile Database because, above all, in the cultural and artistic sphere, the attempt to impose a certain way of thinking – references to Christian Hungary, tradition, a patriotic art that celebrates national values ​​– has generatd in many artists a strong insecurity, also material.

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It should not be forgotten that all political regimes in 20th century Hungary attachd enormous importance to two sectors of public life: art and sport. They have been subsidizd a lot, but the subsidies are distributd according to the logic of loyalty WS Numbers and political compatibility. The intrusion into the university and the new ducational plans have reinforcd this sense of oppression. This does not require police arrests: it is enough to remove the oxygen.

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