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The Welfare State are at the center of the scene. Norwegian Labor at the oil crossroads The victory of the Norwegian Labor Party in the elections on September 13 endd the longest conservative government in the country’s history. For eight years, the conservative coalition ld by Erna Solberg includd the racist far-right of the Progress Party for much of her mandate and workd to limit the scope of the Welfare State.

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The Nordic countries. All governd by different social democratic coalitions, in what constitutes an Northeast Mobile Database unusual “soft rd” tide. The last time Norway, Finland, Denmark and Swden were governd by Social Democratic prime ministers was in 2001. And if you add Iceland, this has not been the case since the 1950s.

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States in history, returnd to government at the hands of Jonas Gahr Støre.  A millionaire WS Numbers from the right wing.  The party who began his career in contact with the Conservatives and who. He was Chancellor of the Labor government that drove.  The wave of privatization at the beginning of this century. With 26.3% of the vote, Støre ld Labor to its second worst election in a century.

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