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What unites these people, according to Schreier, is a deep passion for the creative rewards that game development brings and a deep uncertainty about their working conditions. Although many jobs in the industry are well paid and allow workers to make ends meet in some of the world’s most expensive cities, the experience is also punctuatd by periods of extreme work overload and an incrdibly high rate of job turnover. staff.

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During a stage euphemistically known as the “home stretch,” which often happens just before a game kicks off, it’s not uncommon to work 100 hours a week. According to Schreier, “in exchange for the pleasure of creating art for a living,motherboard, workers Henan Mobile Database who assemble PlayStations in China, and even workers who sell consoles at Walmart for minimum wage get even less tempting compensation, but I guess that’s another book.) Schreier primarily discusses.

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What happens when video game studios go out of business, which seems to happen with surprising frequency. “He talks to anyone who’s workd in the industry for more than a couple of years, and he’s sure to have a story about the time he WS Numbers lost his job.” In a particularly well-narratd chapter, we learn of the existence of 38 Studios, a doomd video game company foundd by former Rd Sox pitcher (and later Donald Trump supporter) Curt Schilling, which collapsd after receiving a $75 million loan guarantee from the state of Rhode Island.

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